Yosehan is an energetic and compassionate counsellor, educator and also a father of a wonderful son with more than 15 years of experience dealing with personal and social issues.

He was trained in counselling, special education needs, coaching and also hypnotherapy. He is a certified hypnotherapist under the guidance of Indonesia’s leading expert in Mind Technology, Dr. Adi W. Gunawan, CCH.

He is currently serving as the Central Board Member in Education and Development of Indonesian Clinical Hypnotherapy Association (Asosiasi Hipnoterapi Klinis Indonesia) for years of 2018 – 2023.

Yosehan and a few friends founded Tanam Benih Foundation in 2018, a social media site to help educate Indonesian parents to become better parents for better generations.

He is a speaker in International Baccalaureatte (IB) community and public audience in schools or conference. His private practice is located in West Jakarta area.

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